Do you speak English?

Hello everyone!
I am a German self publishing author and up to now, I have published in German only. It is my native language and of course first choice for writing my books. But things don't necessarily have to stay the way they are, do they?
At school I learned Latin, English and French. I love languages and so I took additional lessons in Italian and Spanish. Well, my knowledge in the latter ones is quite poor and I had little practice in French. But English is something different.
My aunt used to live near London. I visited her several times and when she had to go to work, I took books down from the shelves and began to read. It was easy reading, Victoria Holt, Georgette Heyer and the Bronte sisters. I read them all and when I travelled to America and Asia I regularly bought books in English to read while waiting at airports or spending my evenings in hotel rooms.

In my Surya Mahal series there is a scene, where Cathérine tells her friend Rajendra about her parents and how they died and this scene inspired me to write a little side story, which I called "The Roman Coin".It is set in Heidelberg, where I grew up, in the middle of the ruins of an old cloister. This is a place that always inspired me and as a child I pictured monks and Celts and Romans walking around on top of what is called the Holy Mountain.
Have you ever been to Heidelberg? No? If you go, don't just visit the famous castle and the old town - they are both great sights - but cross to the other side of the river and climb (or drive) up to the Heiligenberg. Perhaps you'll feel the magic of the place, just as I do every time I see it.

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